I really enjoyed this, mostly fictional, account of Heath Ledger’s last days.

After I died, people dissected me. They put words in my mouth: This is how he felt when he wrote this, this is what he thought of me, this is why he did it. Fuck them. But also bless them. They made me famous. Immortal. Suddenly, my songs, which once were strange and ill-conceived, now were fat with meaning. When you die, you become a Virgin Mary, an untouchable exalted thing with a golden breast and a mink brow. You lose yourself, and they win you. You have no voice, and so a million people breathe and talk for you. Your art is their art. Your casket is their temple, your last words are their next ten commandments.


Very rarely do we know all the details and impact of the substantial decisions we make.  Oh, we think we know them but there is no way to prove this.  Many times people attempt to make altruistic decisions that end up having a long term negative impact.  Other times people try to do good but it is perceived as evil and thus never takes off.  With the increase of information, the “optics” of a situation are often more important than the reality itself, which mind you is rarely ever fully known (see above.)  The high flow of information should theoretically make it easier to address this problem but usually this decreases the signal-to-noise ratio.

So we make the best decision we can with the evidence we are given.  But there is spin – the sounds around us that sway our decision one way or another.  Instead of having all the facts we look at the end result and pick that path we think will get us there.  But there are side effects to taking this prescribed medicine that are not always evident.  Side effects we could never have imaged because we don’t understand every facet of every market and industry.

For example, some people may want to increase military levels, but do not consider the residuals of an increased veterans administration,  increased GI bill, and an increase in so many other areas.

I don’t feel hindered by this dilemma but find it peculiar and interesting.  Sometimes you find yourself in a position of knowing what another person really wants and watch them make poor decisions based on misinformation.  Entire countries have been raised and taken down in the name of a common goal – leaving people asking, “was that goal accomplished?”

Revolutionaries are dangerous when they are misdirected.

This has to be my favorite Dilbert cartoon of all time.  I laughed when I read it and every day for a week when I re-read it.


I rejoyed watching Four Eyed Monster on YouTube, but didn’t donate or buy any of their stuff. I feel a little bad. I gave $2 to a stranger on the street out of guilt but didn’t give $3 to these artists who worked and then hoped for money.

The movie made me remember making mixed tapes, writing letter, sending emails, and chatting online. The mode of communication is slowed down and requires the speaker to think about what they say before saying it.

I really enjoyed this movie.

Update: ok, I ordered the DVD.

I am really worn out on security and other things I normally write about.  I am staying away from my RSS feeds and all normal web sites I visit.  So I googled “bunnies” and found this great site with 30-Second Bunnies Theatre Library

I like the James Bond reenactment with bunnies.


A warm happy Australia Day to all the Aussies out there.  I heard on the radio today that it is also “Have Fun at Work Day” (or a variant thereof).  I imagine the “happy” or “fun” branded days here are a result of the Australian influence. =)

Either way, try to have fun this weekend!

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