Volkswagen has the slogan, "On the road of life, there are passengers and there are drivers: Drivers Wanted!" Visa has the slogan, "Life takes Visa."

Although a credit card and an automobile are handy tools, life really is what you make of it. Because we all reach the end of the line eventually, life is all about what happens between that wonderful moment of birth and the humbling moment of death. It's also an opportunity to, as Stephen Covey says, "Live. Love. Learn. Leave a legacy."

The problem is too many of us are rushing as fast as we can, like in a race, to get to the finish line first. We think that, just like the end of a rainbow, the reaching the finish line will bring with it all of the happiness that was promised to us since birth. What we are not told and can only learn is that there is no finish line other than death and when we reach that we stop.

So while you're traveling through the universe at a billion miles per hour, don't forget to take some time at least to live and love. (The legacy part is left to those with egos or choose to breed.)

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3 Responses to “On the road of life…”

  1. Mumzie Says:

    Who are all those people on your blogroll?
    Friends you met at work or play?

    Do you need a blog to be on a blog roll?


  2. afterlife Says:

    Yes, most all of them are people I know or blogs/websites I like. Let’s break them down (because I like lists):

    – 8 are friends
    – 1 is acquaintance
    – 5 are websites I like

  3. Yeap, I’m moving a billion miles per hour at the moment. Need some tips on how to slow that mind of mine.

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