I don’t know why but I get more hits to my site from searches for “carding” information than any other topic. Recently I received a comment from Iceman, administrator on the Cardersmarket (CM) web board. This was an interesting turn of events because CM is an online forum devoted to the dissemination of information on credit card theft, fraud, and all the implements of how to do it.

According to Iceman CM is nothing more than a venue for the information, but not a place where actual credit card fraud happens. This is analgoud to 2600 for phone phreaking information or what Napster was for MP3 sharing. I can almost bring myself to agree with him except for the fact that people are actively swapping and selling stolen credit card numbers. CM is definitely no Boa Factory but still it’s up there with the others like ccpowerforums, darkmarket, darkpay, thegrifters, theftservices, and the old scandinaviancarding.

One of the old participants on CM was a guy nicknamed El Mariachi. He worked with law enforcement on a few things and burned bridges moving on to create his own forum TheGrufters. According to Iceman from CM, TheGrifters VIP section is just like the CM forum. There is drama between the two as they trash talk each other on their respective forums, but it’s interesting to hear them go at it. I don’t even care who is right because I’m learning more and more about the subculture just by listening along.

I downloaded the podcasts from TheGrifters and will check them out … in the morning when I’m not so sleepy.