Well, it seems my Mom is the most avid reader to my blog.  And by that I mean she is the only one who calls me to say I have not written in a while.  Now that she has fond my Flickr stream she seems more satisfied to know what is happening in my life.

But another friend of mine “E”, who is a grade school teacher, wrote on her recent parent-teacher meetings.  She said something that surprised and then scared me.  She says, “The nutso thing about conferences is the weird stuff the parents say that no one hears but you.”  It seems teachers are the confidant of parents – leaving me to wonder what my parents told my teachers back then.

As the holidays approach, I’m at home curled up next to my laptop (Chipmonkey said she saw the pulsating glow of a white LED in bed last night.)  It’s all writing and busy work for me.