I enjoyed reading the lawyer’s client manifesto (original link).  Some of my favorites are listed below:

  •  Your case/matter is the most important thing happening to you right now. It is not the most important thing happening to your lawyer right now. It may not even be in his top ten.
  • You want to buy results, not time. Most lawyers sell time, not results. Make sure you both understand the difference before your first bill arrives. You will certainly understand the difference after.
  • Big firm lawyers are not more efficient. Or smarter. Or cheaper. They are certainly not cheaper.
  • Make sure your lawyer understands your business. If your lawyer doesn’t understand your business, find out if he’s going to learn about it on his time, or yours.

I’ve learned each of these lessons over the past year and am happy to have a good lawyer working with me.  Always ask for a referral from a friend with a good lawyer.  I did and am happy to this day.

The only addition I would make to the list is:

  • Lawyers charge by the hour and thus will explain an infinite amount of detail on any topic.  They need to pay off their law school bills where they were trained to research and talk for long amounts of time.  Limit them to just the information necessary to make a business decision.