I just finished a great weekend at home. We are slowly unpacking the boxes and setting things in their new place. I enjoy having so much extra space (a whole 900 sq. ft.) to put things. We set up a couch in the spare room and now all we need is a desk for it to be complete. I really look forward to the day when I can work at home and have a separate room for the “office”. The room has my bookshelf, a nice futon, and plenty of light.

We also purchased an extension cord (on sale) at Safeway so now we have power for the TV and DVD player. Ahh the excitement of electricity. Now if only I could get my laptop to do video out to the DVD player.  (After an hour of trying to hook up the DVI output on the Mac to the DVI input on the Hitachi TV – nothing worked.)

The weekend was a normal one of cleaning, laundry, shopping and gathering supplies for the coming week.  It’s just nice to have that stability and a groove.  I suppose it’s also calm because I haven’t traveled in a while, something I am rather enjoying.