As you might know, we recently found a new home and plan to move in over Labor Day.  In preparation for this we are painting both bedrooms.  This is something I encourage all people to try once but not something I’d enjoy doing too often.  We have been up to midnight for the last four days paining away (and in one case re-painting.)

We learned quickly that although painting is fun, applying the color paint only takes up about 10% of the time.  The rest is painfully devoted to laying tarp on the floor, taping all the edges, priming the walls, and eventually edging.

As the process is almost complete I am happily looking forward to the end.  On another note, so many people have talked about painting this weekend.  My good friend in D.C. is painting her place, so is a friend of ours in SF, and at least one other person I recall.

After tonight we have only two days to finish painting, pack, and then the moving day itself.  There is lots to do, but I’m sure it will work out.