I got back from a wedding in D.C. and had the pleasure of seeing some people I had not talked to since college.  Since my friend who was getting married is the “connector” we all have a mini reunion.  One guy from my college dorm room made a comment that stuck with me.  I said to him, “Jim you haven’t changed a bit,” he smiled and replied, “and neither have you!  We may improve but we don’t change much.”

How odd to think such a thing.  I really do believe I’ve changed in oh so many ways, but maybe not in others and that is what he was commenting on.  Had you asked me if I would give presentations in front of others for a living I have smiled and no way.  So maybe this change is just an improvement, but I think it has also changed the way I interact with others and theus perceive the world.

Sure, maybe I’ve not changed in some regards, but I like to think I’ve changed over the past 7 years.  Whew.