I haven’t written in a while due to a mild twitter addiction.  It’s so much easier to write short sentences about micro-moments.  I’ve been busy with wedding planning this week.  One presentation this week, then I’m off to Boston for a quick conference.  I’m speaking there so should review the material… only I’ve said it so many times it almost seems a mantra.

I like that, the mantra.  It comforts me and brings me something familiar that  I have a high degree of confidence in.  It’s not like being a consultant and you’re expected to be an expert in everything, faking it part of the time.  Here I really do have answers to people with questions and being able to help them makes me feel rather content.

The monkey is in Sac tonight so I’m left home watching movies, entertaining the cats, and mentally enumerating my unfinished action-item list.  Sleeping was never one of my favorite past times, and it’s strange to hear friends repeat that to others.

So not much going on here.  I’ll post more later.