I had a great time in Australia, but just enough of a taste to know I want to come back.  Because I’m working while out here there’s only so much one can do and I had more time in Sydney than I did in Melbourne.

In Sydney I was able to get in some of the sights.  I fist walked down to Sydney harbor and took in the view of both the infamous Opera House and the Sydney Harbor bridge.  It’s a nice downtown area and you can walk around with relative ease.  I’m told that Sydney is really a city of many small communities, but the downtown (or as they call it the CBD – central business district) was all very centralized.

From there, I took a cab to Bondai beach just as the sun was setting and had a bite to eat.  I wish I had spent more of the day out at the beach because it’s really nice weather out here.  It’s strange because the locals this of this as cold, but that’s a very relative usage of the word.

The next day I did the Bridge Walk with two friends.  It’s basically a 3.5 hour tour of getting suited up and walking up, across, and down the Sydney Harbor Bridge.  It was great fun and we managed to get the twilight walk meaning you walk up as the sun is setting (but still up) and walk down after it has set, thus getting both experiences of seeing the city by day and by night.  (For reference, the night view is better, which was also confirmed by one of their employees.)  It seems the owner of bridge walk also owns the rights to do the same thing at the London bridge and the Brooklyn bridge.  Sweet.

The past two days I’ve spent in Melbourne but never really saw much of the city.  I had lunch on Lygon St, which incidentally changes the number scheme as you enter different city districts.  This means that the address 100 Lygon St is not enough to get you to a destination, you also need to know the city name.  How confusing is that?!

I liked the last night I spend there because I was able to meet up with my friend AJ and have a few drinks at an Irish Pub.  Before he was able to show us a hole-in-the-wall basement pub we jetted on over to a place called the Comfortable Chair.  It was a hip bar/lounge where a bunch of swing dancers were celebrating a birthday.  It seems my other friend Tom (Sydney) knows all the swing dancers in Australia.  I never knew the swing community was so strong.

It should be noted that the technical term ‘router’ may be pronounced as ‘reuter’ in the UK but not in Australia.  I learned quickly that ‘to root’ or ‘a rooter’ is one who is very promiscuous.  I learned this the hard way as I tried using the word in a training class and heard snickers/laughter from the back of the room.  They never told me what was so funny, but I found out later at the pub.  Ahh, the wonders of linguistic differences.

I’m off to Japan (Tokyo) and very excited to have one day before the training to explore the city.  If it’s as expensive as I’m told then one day is all I’ll be able to afford.