So I just returned from France and should have learned my lesson about tipping, but I didn’t know the rules for Australia.  I landed in Sydney Harbor and took a shuttle from the airport to my hotel.  The driver chatted me up really well.  He talked about how he had won the 8-ball (billiards/pool) championship in Australia in the late 1900’s and was sent on free trip to Las Vegas to compete.

It was great talking with him so when we arrived he told me the fare was $20.  I handed him $30 and asked for $5 back thinking I should tip this guy.  He was about to hand me $5 and then looked at me strange like I was an idiot.  He said, “Hey mate, the fare is only $20, here ya go” and handed me my $10 back.  I was surprised that he didn’t want the tip, until I looked up proper etiquette online.

Tipping is generally not expected within Australia, however it is acceptable to leave a small amount should you feel you have received exceptional service.