I’m frustrated with the continuously different power adapters that span the different locations that I travel to. I don’t mind carrying adapters for each country I visit, because, well, they are a country and there’s no way I’m going to change their plugs.

But why does United Airlines have a strange adapter that is unique to their planes? Do they have a partnership agreement with iGo? It seems this is the only company that sells such adapters. As I ponder the worth of paying $120-160 for such a bahemouth of a device that may power but will never charge my Dell laptop, I have to balance it against the 14.5 hour flight I have ahead of me. How frustrating that United could not just have a standard adapter in their plane. I don’t mind carrying a plug adapter, but an entire power adapter? This is insanity!

Well, I’m probably going to break down and get it, but I will also probably just return it after my return flight. What good does that do?

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Update: Thankfully, I was able to purchase the perfect thing right before my flight. You know those vending machines that sell you iPods, Bose headphones, and other high-tech gadgets? They had a product from Teleadapt called the Inflight Power Adapter. So, for less than the cost of an iGo, I was able to use my laptop on the plane, and it also has an adapter for use in the car (cigarette lighter).