Whew, we are back home and both have a cold that started just towards the end of our mini-vacation.  I was working in London for 1.5 weeks so Chipmonkey traveled over and spend the weekend there with me.  We then flew/tunnel to Paris for 5 days where we stayed with her friend in what seemed like a 100 sq.ft. apartment.  It was very small and thus we did not spend much time in doors.

Instead we walked everywhere.  It was great fun and through our entire trip we managed to do the following:

  • Explore London: Tower of London, The London Eye, Parliament, and a few pubs.
  • Saw the musical Spamalot, which was hilarious!  If you like Monty Python, you need to see this show.
  • Visit Bath (the city) and Stonehenge
  • Visit Versailles, and wow it is really big… massive even.  And the gardens are probably 4 times the size of the building.
  • Explore the Louvre
  • See the Eiffel Tower.  At night it lights up and the first 10 minutes of every hour there’s a strobe-light show that looks really cool.
  • Ride a river tour of the Seine.
  • Relax outside the Pompidou.
  • Ate tons of Falafel and Crepes while in Paris.  Seems you can stumble 2 meters without hitting another falafel or crepe stand.

Did you know that the city gives tents to the homeless so they can live on the streets? Did you know that 1% of the US population lives on the minimum wage while in France it is closer to 12%?  These facts trouble me.

I got home, did my laundry, made a few calls, and then leave tomorrow for Australia.  I’ll be there for a week, then another week split between Tokyo and Seoul (South Korea).  Whew.