Ok, so I wasn’t born in the UK, but I thought of that song “Born in the USA” while sitting down to tell you about the most recent events. A long weekend indeed and I’ve no memory of each and every event.

Thursday was a nice dinner with friends at a nice Spanish restaurant called Goya Belgravia. It was really good food and even better friends.

Friday night we went to see Spamalot, which was drop dead funny. I’m a *huge* Monty Python fan and to see it in London was a great experience. Before the show we had a great meal and the perfect cappuccino at a place called Med Kitchen. After the show we had desert and coffee, making it a great night.

Saturday was filled with tourtisty events in London such as Tower of London, The Eye of London, and Parliament. Very tiring but enjoyable. I really liked the Tower and walking all around that area.

Sunday was devoted to a day trip to both Bath (the city) and Stonehenge.  I really enjoyed Stonehenge but, honestly, it seemed smaller than it was.  I mean, it’s really big don’t get me wrong, but I thought it was HUGE.  I found one rock that when I scratched it seemed to peel away like it was made of aluminum.  In fact, underneath the outer shell was a metallic piece just as if it was an aluminum or magnesium.  Very strange, and something I will ponder every time I think about that place.

Back in London but only for another day and then off to Paris for a real vacation…