topelie.jpgHave you ever seen the South Park episode with the character “Towelie“? Well, it’s rather funny and I recommend you watch it. But there are two key character traits that Towelie always exhibits, and they are:

  1. He is always stoned. He coined the phrase during this episode by always saying, “Wanna get high?” in this very squeaky voice.
  2. If you ever want him to appear all you have to do is talk about water or being wet and he will instantly show up saying, “Don’t forget to bring a towel!”

Chipmonkey and I will jokingly say these phrases over and over again in the same squeaky voice that we have almost perfected. But instead of making a stoner reference of saying “Wanna get high” we inject our favorite food choice and say, “Wanna get Thai?” This is especially useful when we are hungry and reviewing our dinner options.

Last NYE Damon visited us, and we told him the inside joke about Toweilie. Ever since, he sends us these funny text messages from wherever he is traveling saying things like: “Wanna get Thai? Hello from Boston, Providence, and the East Coast!”

I love it! It’s little things like this* that makes me smile.

** Oh, in addition to funny/cute text messages, I love postcards; both sending and receiving them.