I’m back in town for a while (1 week) and plan to use it to catch up on some much needed general tasks like doing my taxes and planning for upcoming trips.  Last week I was in Chicago, but once again failed to meet up with local friends.  I was there for all of 2 nights and 1 was spent socializing with people from work.

Not much is happening these days.  Last Thursday and Friday I went to Sacramento with Chipmonkey for the monthly pilgrimage.  It was fun and I forgot how hot it gets up there.  The next big event is the upcoming tour-de-world with 2 weeks in London/Paris and (maybe) an Asia-Pacific trip after that.

I’ve started my new job officially, although the times of employment are rather blurred.  We have employee #3 (after the two of us), which I’m very happy about because there are so many projects going on right now.  I hope we can keep the momentum going and finish off the way the way we started it.