Ok, so I’m not flying a jet plane, but it feels like I had a short 24 hours down memory lane when I visited Chicago.  On less than 24 hours notice I called my long time friend Ryan and both him and Drew hosted me for the evening.  They took me out to XO, a restaurant with really good food, and then back to their 53rd
floor condo in the sky to play video games and watch a movie before bed.

They showed me photos from their recent trip to Spain, and sold me on going in halfsies on a 2-week time share there. (Ok, that would have to be run by the CFO first.)  They told me stories about their escapades in Vegas and the annual Halloween party that Drew throws each year. 

I never cared for video games, but seeing as Drew has 4 gaming consoles Ryan seems to have gotten hooked and I might want one for our new place… well, maybe.  I liked the garden building video game that Ryan plays.  You can make little custom creatures like worms with bunny ears and emerald studded collars or alien looking things wearing sombreros.  It looked like fun … and something that could suck up hours of time.

I was there on such short notice and didn’t have enough time to really visit other friends. I turned in early and missed hanging out with Jason at the bars.  I don’t think I would have made it longer than one beer anyway, unlike the old days where we would close the clubs at 5am.  I’m getting old(er).