It might be that in 30 days we will own a home in San Francisco, even though it almost got away from us. My brother reminds me that it is the most expensive place to buy a home, but we are happy and feel it just fits right. Features include:

  • Close to the BART (20 minute ride to Embarcadero)
  • Across the street from a park
  • It’s an actual “tree house”
  • It has Eggettes nearby
  • Has a smaller/separate room for the cat litter (yeah!)
  • We will have our own washer/dryer (no more laundromat)
  • Viking stove that works as both an conventional and convection oven
  • It has a “Captian’s bed” so you can feel like a mariner when you visit
  • The house number is the smallest prime which can be represented as the sum of a prime and its reverse in three different ways.

(that last detail is a good numeric omen)

Update: Photos are on flickr.