I’ve been a busy bee lately, but wanted to point out two articles that I found interesting. First, the LapDawg from BoingBoing:

This portable laptop desk is the most comfortable way I’ve found to use a laptop in bed. It’s a bit pricey compared to the homemade stuff you can find online, but less expensive than similar products like the LapGenie and Laidback, which can go for up to $150.

Seeing as almost every night my wife and I cozy up in bed and work on our laptops together, this might be a great way of not burning the lap. Of course, look at the picture… if I was actually laying down I would go to sleep and not be working. 😉

I really love the time we spend together on our laptops. It’s a cute and fun experience I’m glad we can share. That and anything is possible in “the bed” even massaging spiders that have only an exoskeleton.

Another thing of note is that:

The RIAA is asking universities to discipline students whom it claims are engaged in file-sharing. At Michigan State (a university I both attended and taught at), the head cyber-narc actually forces students to watch a vicious, deceptive video produced by the RIAA

Did you read that?  Cory Doctorow went to MSU and even taught there.  Where was I and how did I miss this.  It’s nice to know I have that in common with him, that I too attended and taught at MSU.  *mini-yeah!* Cory, were you there between 1995 and 2000?