Today we are in Salt Lake City, which is the final-final decision on a location for a wedding.  Yes, that means for all of those who were taking a pool for where the location was (all 1 of you), it’s going to be in SLC.

After meeting with a photographer we decided to have lunch before looking at the location we would like the wedding to be.  The location is great but they are only willing to have one entree… meaning that we need to decide between beef or fish.  I feel this is a very minor decision, but personally prefer beef (as I’m allergic to fish.)

Sparing you the details of the conversation, we decided to go with beef because it’s easier to please a wider range of people.  Does anyone prefer fish?  The problem is that some people will eat “fish” but only if it’s salmon, halibut, etc. — meaning they don’t eat just ANY fish.

Thank goodness, she will not be bride-zilla.  I’m very happy for this.  Just like they say, “speak with your mouth and it will come to pass.”  😉