richard-mille-tourbillon.jpgI really like watches, but I don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on an accessory. So I’m always on the look out for cheap(er) watches that will still make me happy to wear them. My favorite to date are those from Tokyo Flash, but today I found a watch that puts all others to shame.

The Richard Mille tourbillon RM 012. It is a “tourbillion” watch and only made in a limited edition of 30 numbered pieces. I can’t imagine what this watch must cost.

So, how do I get something like this? Leave it to the experts in replication and duplication. There is a site called Ruro-Replica that sells “replica” watches allowing even the common-man to now own a multi-thousand dollar look-a-like. Hey, if you can’t tell the difference, and I can’t, then why buy the real thing?

Update: Turns out the real watch only costs $450,000. What a adeal. 😉