I started this trip a little apprehensive, but several thousand miles into it and I’m excited again.  Most often I am blase about travel up until the plane lands.  I usually never care about travel or get excited by it until I actually arrive at my destination.  This time, I’m having breakfast, drinking some coffee (black), and practicing what I’ll do when I get there.  I feel back in my element and love the feeling.

I’m excited about the opportunities that exist for me and curious why I never felt this way before.  Sometimes it helps to be in the right place at the right time, but what about the other times when you are not?  I think you should stop doing things that do not excite you.  If something is not enabling your excitement or the excitement itself, you should cut it out.  If you feel in a rut and are watching others cruise by, ask yourself what you can do to change things.

The potential for innovation is all around us, but it takes someone who is searching to actually find it.  Being in California I am surrounded by the history of goal mining.  The era of the great gold rush is iconified in cities such as Auburn with great statues of people panning for treasure.  Donner Pass is a memorial to those who trekked across the US in search of that treasure and a new life.  These are the seekers and they are here today as well.

Today the seekers exist in the form of technology innovators.  Who would have thought that VoIP would make Skype a great guy for eBay?  Who would have guessed that short, online video would make YouTube a critical acquisition for Google?  And who would have guessed that thousands of other ideas would have failed?

It is the seekers and treasure hunters that amaze me.  They are not always seeking money, but the next big thing.  And often times the next big thing is just a small change to something we are currently doing today.  Think about all the great innovative ideas that affect our culture and society.  How many of them are technological innovations vs. usage innovations?  Many of the things we use such as social-networking, online photo galleries, online video, geo-tagging, and even AJAX are simple changes to the old usage of technology.