Last week in class we learned about different business management processes. One of them from W. Edwards Deming, is described as statistical process control, or in layman’s terms: “Perfection is impossible but necessary.”

My personal motto has always been, “nothing is impossible, the impossible just takes longer” but I now want to include the Ed Demming line as well. I have always felt that perfection is necessary, and yet also impossible. But the fact that one believes it is necessary will cause that person to strive for more (however one defines “more”.) The inclusion of belief that it is impossible will save the sanity of that individual.

Last night we watched The Devil Wears Prada and I just loved it.  My friend from the East Bay said she could not relate to any of the characters (or at best maybe the boyfriend.)  She didn’t see the the protege (Anne Hathaway) as any kind of underdog you should root for.  I was cheering her on all the way up until she distanced herself from everyone she loved in exchange for success, power, and money.  Much like Cosmo is for girls, those three things really resonate with me and I struggle to balance the desire for more against the actual enjoyment of life.  (This is in part why I like my Chipmonkey, because she knows much more about enjoying life.)

I understand that striving for “more” is OK as long as you maintain a balance that keeps you happy.  I think that balance is one of enjoying time with friends and family.  If there is one thing that really makes me happy it’s the time I’m on the phone or hanging out with friends who know how to smile.  I can call my brother and talk for hours or meet up with friends in the Mission for drinks.  I love to geek out and smile and laugh and drink beer.  As long as I have those I think I’ll be happy with my work-life balance.