The question is always “Where do we go from here?” when facing each new year, project, and relationship.  At key conferences there are new products, ideas, and speculation about the coming year.  We look to the past and try to imagine into the future.

It is important, in all the chaos of life, to take some time out to “increase the contrast” and ask where you are going from here.  Take a look at the different parts of your life:

  • Financial
  • Social
  • Professional
  • Relationships
  • Personal (exercise, hobbies, sports, etc.)

I recommend creating 5 primary goals for each area of your life, and then break that down into smaller goals until you find yourself with easily manageable blocks of tasks.  Also, list out 5 examples of each goal and document how you will know when you have accomplished the goal.

You need to maintain accountability.  Find a friend and tell them about your goals.  Repeat them to others so people know you are working on them and can hold you to them.  Blog about it!

Ask yourself, “How do you define success?”  Examine each area of your life and determine what will make you happy.  Do not compare yourself to others.  Take some advice from the Desiderata and define success in the absence of others.  Take it from someone who has failed at this goal many times.