‘Thought without borders’ is a phrase I came up with to represent the concept of controlled chaos. I was working with a colleague the other day who said, “I work best on the edge of chaos. My desk is full of papers and it stimulates ideas.”

The key here is that controlled chaos is only effective when the ‘chaos’ is buttressed against a ‘control’ that keeps it from slipping into anarchy or explosion. I work on a similar plane always fully committing myself to projects and juggling multiple things at once. I like to think up ideas and get projects started, but completing them takes a high amount of focus and energy.

My continued ability to toe the line between control and chaos is having someone who keeps me in check. Thought without borders is a way of thinking outside the box. Albert Einstein once asked, “What is the difference between genius and stupidity? Genius has limits.” Making sure you keep the chaos controlled and thought within check requires a balance in relationships.

Limitless possibilities can be commoditized only through guided direction.