It’s been a crazy and wonderful year.  It was my first full year of working for myself and has all the ups and downs one can imagine with that.  This last month is really kicking my butt though.  Two weeks into December everything seemed to change with picking up 4 major projects, partnering for new ventures, finishing school (or falling behind in school), and getting engaged.  In addition to that we have the regular holiday season travel and activities.  Whew.

I’m ready for the new year… wait, it should be just as busy or moreso.  Maybe I can just take a long weekend to nap like a cat.  I think the one new years resolution I will make is to try and relax more.  Maybe starting with a 24-hour sit-in where I pile up movies, order in pizza, and watch movies all day.

P.S. I also learned that I have a bit of road rage when traffic goes too slow and people begin to drive like idiots.