I’m traveling around Salt Lake City (SLC) today and found my way to “West Valley” for a client.  The entire city of SLC is laid out on a grid with the Temple being the center of the city.  This makes sense logically once your mind adapts to it, but to foreigners it is incredibly confusing.

Directions are given in terms of North, South, East, and West (i.e. “1000 W 2000 S”).  These designate coordinates out from the Temple (center).  As I write this it makes perfect sense, but when originally trying to find a location via Google maps, it was increibly confusing.

Another thing that really helps out with directions are the mountains.  Although I cannot differentiate the different ranges all that well, I was able to find my way home again based on the houses lining one of the mountain ranges.  This is something that’s incredibly helpful in SLC.