Today’s word-of-the-day (WOTD) is brought to you by my Mom, who recently trumped me by using it in a sentence, which caused me to say, “Circuitous?  Is that a medical term?”

The word circuitous means, as per my Mom’s definition, “round about indirect route“.  It is an adjective (my type of word and regular celebrity here on the WOTD list).  It means “having a circular or winding course” or another meaning of “not being forthright or direct in language or action“.  I like the second definition better than the first.  It has more of an adventure theme and makes me think of a sinister villain.

This word reminds me of:

  • My Mom and Chipmonkey, who reminds me that I like to be the one pop-ing big words
  • which reminds me of Packetshard, who has a large vocabulary
  • which reminds me of The Economist, which is a great source of news
  • which reminds me of money and world affairs
  • which reminds me of how the war in Iraq is the only thing covered by the news
  • which reminds me of American Dreamz, the movie we saw last night.