You may have noticed I haven’t been blogging as much. That is because (1) I have been at a client location most of the time and (2) I’ve been working on getting mediawiki installed.

I broke down and installed PHP5 in a separate instance, then autoconf and automake so I could compile eAccelerator and get it working. I had to monkey with the $PATH information along the way and it was not fun at all. The one document online that describes how to do this best on Dreamhost is really missing a lot of information.

So, everything is installed, and I’m waiting for the http daemon to be rebooted as this might be what is necessary to enable the eAccelerator extension.

I also got the mod_rewrite working so the wiki URLs look pretty and nice. This was rather simple because I was using subdomains to mask the original directory anyway.

So it’s running… now I just need to learn how to do basic things, like ‘create an article’. So far I have been able to learn how to do everything involved in installing this software, blocking spam, optimizing it, and making it look pretty — but cannot figure out how to create a wiki article (seemingly, the most simple task.)

Update: For all the pain of installing eAccelerator, it is entirely worth it when you get page load times from 15-25 seconds down to 2-4 seconds!