It seems every WOTD is an adjective — I really love them but would be happy to include other parts of speech if someone suggested one.

frenetic is a hard word to get a definition for because every definition would rather tell you the origin of the word than actually define it:

Etymology: Middle English frenetik insane, from Anglo-French, from Latin phreneticus, modification of Greek phrenitikos, from phrenitis inflammation of the brain, from phren-, phrEn diaphragm, mind

It means “frantic or frenzied” and is commonly associated with aggressive growth or rate of speed.  Frenetic reminds me of:

  • growth
  • which reminds me of companies
  • which reminds me of employees
  • which reminds me of myself
  • which reminds me… that I should get back to the movie instead of this blogging.