Today’s words of the day (OWTD) are: ostensibly and spurious in revolution to the “linguistic embargo” placed upon a friend of mine.

ostensibly is an adverb version of the adjective ostensible.  It means “to all outward appearances” or something that is “intended for display“.  This word reminds me of:

  • a predicate adverb (although I don’t know what this means)
  • which reminds me of a <pause> and semicolon (;)

spurious is an adjective, which I’m learning is a part of speech I’m liking more and more.  It means “of illegitimate birth” or “outwardly similar or corresponding to something without having its genuine qualities” (my preference).  This word reminds me of:

  • a waste of time
  • which reminds me of to-do lists and deadlines
  • which reminds me of the things I should be doing rather than blogging!