Ok, so my brother claims that capitalism has taken over the holiday spirit. That mass-consumerism and token gifting has stimulate the economies of foreign nations and increased the trade imbalance.

That is, until I heard he wanted a 37″ LCD TV. So here’s my short wish list:

  • Tokyo Flash – Twelve 5-9 G – Forget Tag Heuer or Rolex. The “gun metal” version of this Tokyo Flash watche is an impractical example of Japanese chic. Their watches are unique in that only the wearer and select others know how to read the clock.
  • Samson – Zoom H4 – the ultimate in armature digital recording. I hope to use this in 2007 to record interviews with some pretty important people, or at least not forget as many factoids.

That’s really it. I have everything else really. This year I picked up a TV, some memory sticks, and a fiance (most important). With one loving girl and two loving cats, what else do I need?

(P.S. these items are already spoken for; please just send cards.)