The other day I was meeting with a friend in the city to talk about planning for some upcoming events. After coffee he asked me if I had time to help him run an errand. He had his car in the shop and needed someone else to help pick it up and drive it back to his place. I agree and we both hop into his truck as we drive to the dealership.

After checking that everything is ok with the car he hands me the keys to his PT Cruiser and tells me to follow him. I get in the car and adjust the mirrors and put on my seat-belt. I have never driven a PT Cruiser so this should be interesting. My first mistake comes when I drive up to the exit of the dealership and don’t see him drive by. So I’m sitting there waiting for him until I see him drive back into the dealership and signal me. Ok, I missed him but I’m alert and back on track. In fact I even start memorising his licence plate so I won’t loose or mistake him again.

We drive along and get on the freeway. I get comfortable in the car (my big mistake).  I’m driving along and following when I think to turn on the radio.  It’s an AM talk radio station and they are debating race issues.  In my head I’m thinking about the debate and the conversation I had that morning over event planning.

I blink and realize I am no longer following the guy who this car belongs to.  In fact the freeway is ending and turning into a residential area.  I don’t know where I am.  I am driving another guy’s car.  And I’m am definitely NOT following him anymore.

I slow down and begin to franticly scan around me for his truck but I can’t find it.  I assume he got off at some exit and wanted to know why I didn’t.  A minute goes by and I contemplate calling his cell phone because I’m more and more lost with each passing block.  Then I see his truck pull up along side me and I quickly fall in line behind him and begin to follow again.

The path to his house is probably not the most direct (as he was probably following me for a while thinking, “where is this guy going?”) but we get there.  I fumble out an apology and he gives me an almost quizzical look.  Although he didn’t say anything I’m sure he was thinking lots.