Well, after a long anticipated waiting the ring has been set upon her finger. I proposed to Chipmonkey the night before Thanksgiving at Greens, the place we ended her birthday tour-de-frisco earlier this year.

She accepted and we are looking at a date in September 2007 to make it complete. Wedding planning will be much easier now that we are officially engaged. Not wanting to leave anything to chance, we picked out the ring together and had a custom ring made that we both liked. So it was just a matter of time until I proposed.

We have been event planning for almost a month now and are happy we can now share some of those plans with others. I asked my brother to be my best man and he said yes, just as I was for him.

I didn’t want to bother anyones Thanksgiving dinner so I sent a text message to many friends notifying them. I was told afterwards that, no matter how electronicly connected a society we are, this is not the correct way to share such news with friends. Hey, Damon started it, and then Steve seconded it, so I was just replying to them!

I’m excited about our team and the idea of getting a house next year. (Cross your fingers and hope for an earthquake before we buy.)

It seems everyone who calls just wants to know one thing, “What does the ring look like?” So here it is


For the guys out there who say, “I just dropped some change on a ring, what do I get?” She is very hip with the times. No sooner did I give her the ring than she pulls out of her bag a Tiffany’s gift bag for me. Inside are a pair of Frank Gehry cufflinks which are very cool (and will go well with the franch-cuff shirts I am acquiring.)

I could not find a photo for you (if you have one please send it to me.) But check out the Frank Gehry collection at Tiffany’s. My favorite that I just can’t get out of my head is the Axis link necklace.