My chipmonkey was typing in the address of this blog and used “” instead of “”. Since we are both on a weight loss kick she thought it was me writing until the language got nasty. She realized this was not me and I don’t swear much (in fact I say words like “crap”, “mother trucker”, and other Mormon-like swear words.)

So it turns out I am not the ancry, formerly-overweight woman that blogs at It is an interesting read into the life of someone who is/was considerably overweight. Here she rants about “stuff I straight up HATED about being 110 pounds lighter”

  • people who looked THROUGH my big ass when I was heavy suddenly becoming all friendly.
  • the loss of heavy friends that thought I would become a fitness fascist or had nothing more to say to me because all we had in common was food.
  • All those emotions that were dulled by food are now razor sharp and fucking with my psyche on a constant basis.
  • that whole cult of “now that you are thin you are one of us.”

There is a whole different culture that surrounds those dealing with weight issues and I equate it to those dealing with other afflictions such as drug or alcohol use.

  • Using food as a drug to dull the other pains in life.
  • The emotions you need to deal with after never having dealt with them for all those years you had food as a drug.
  • Establishing a new group of friends and abandoning those who still take the drug.

It’s a life changing event and something you should not go through alone. If you or someone you know is dealing with issues like those described above please check out any of the following:

Do not go through life alone!