This week, like many, I am working from my office at Starbucks.  I have a spot by the window that I claim early in the morning and try to hold onto throughout the day.  Of course this is tricky because if I leave for lunch someone else might claim my spot.

It’s a strange feeling spending 6 hours a day, 5 days a week at a Starbucks.  I almost feel like I’m part of a sit-in.  (Speaking of which, my ass really hurts sometimes from sitting in place for too long.)  I see people pass in and out, watch the regulars, and observe others who use Starbucks as their office environment.

There are a few regular homeless (?) men who hang out in the morning.  You can find them bumbing change on the street from 8am-10am and then rolling into the coffee shop to buy coffee and sometimes count their gold.

There’s another regular who runs a tutoring business in the evenings.  She has a table, laptop, cell phone, and bluetooth ear-piece.  She even has 1-2 other tutors that work for her who take up nearby tables as they tutor her clients.  So starting around 3pm until late, students begin to fill the coffee shop as they wait in line for their 30 minute session with one of the tutors.  It’s a hot-bed of social activity and studying.

One student I interviewed said that she had 3 tutors (one for writing college admissions essays, one for preparing for the SAT, and one for general school work.)  Wow!  I was surprised at first but then things began to make sense.  How much could this cost?  $10/half-hour at 3 times a week = $30/week.  Let’s say you do this 3/4 of the year (39 weeks) and the total cost is only $1,170.  I would gladly pay that amount if it gave my child a step-up on others.  Double it?  Sure, go ahead.  The cost is still worth the reward.  Especially considering these same parents may be paying $25k/year for a private school education.

Anyway, I’m working on school this week (and blogging as you can see), just like Jacob and Kristin.  Back to writing, writing, writing.