I’m in Davis, CA today and just had lunch with Andy of Harga-blog.  I love talking with smart people like him because so many ideas come from it.  If you have a chance I recommend you take one of his classes (he teaches at UC Davis.)  Right now he is working on connecting doctoral students with VC people and facilitating both sides.  This is the kind of taking the classroom into the business world kind of action that universities should encourage.

My office today?  Mishka’s Cafe, which offers free wi-fi and great coffee (I hear they have the best foam.)  The only downside is that their ambient music is louder than most coffee shops so I’ll have to take my 1pm client call outside.

Andy got me thinking about a company as more of a “network” than a “product” and recommended some thoughts on how to build that network into my projects.  Many thanks for the great ideas.