My mom has been emailing me wanting to know why I have not been blogging. I love watching change happen and that is why I love it when she does this. Several years ago my Mom would not have known what a blog was, and several years before that she was not using email. I enjoy the fact that this technology has now become ubiquitous.

I’m working (and many times not working) on various projects so there will be less blogging this week (hopefully, because that means work is getting done.) In the mean time here are some thing to keep you busy.

Guy Kawasaki writes some good things. You should read this before you are 40yo (or if you already are, then read it now.) [Local copy]

Also, a funny cartoon for those of you who don’t care for reading.


P.S. traffic in Philadelphia is really, really bad. It took me 2.5 hours to travel 20 miles in rainy, rush hour. I missed my flight by 15 minutes and had to spend the night (10 hours) in the Philly airport.