Tonight I received another edition of the weekly family newsletter. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder then so is truth, at least with my Mom. I love reading her stories because she embellishes so slightly on all events to polish them and make them seem wonderful. I would almost recommend that she write a book, maybe a family memoir.

But until the book deal pans out how about a blog? I think my Mom should have a blog so we can all comment on it. In fact, why do bloggines sites like NOT have GROUP blogs? It makes sense that in the era of social networking there should be group blogs for business, family, friends, geographies, social activities, hobbies, etc.

  • WordPress could implement it with a group RSS feed that aggregates multiple blogs.
  • One blog could have multiple authors… right now I would have to create a blog on WP for each author then add them as authors to the group blog. It’s possible, but more like the old way that people had to kluge together faux-groups on Friendster.

Anyway, I think my Mom should blog and anyone reading this should blog as well. If for no other reason than so I can keep up to date on their lives.

Update: Ok, so I’ll create an account in and check out the differences between that and Anyone have a suggestion on a name for the blog? I would like to keep it family-name neutral.