I’m not a Flickr addict, but I know many who are. I love the idea that people photograph their world and make it available to the masses.

Today spo0ky, sameone I met on Flickr, introduced me to Twitter. Their tagline of “a whole world in your hands” shows how real-time they are. You basically create a photo log of your life as you live it.

Twitter is a community of live updates from around the world—all of them answers to one simple question: What are you doing?

Of course there is Zoomr, a one man show, that does flickr-like geotagging.

I have the data service turned off on my phone because Cingular screwed me on accidental service charges, but maybe I’ll switch back to T-Mobile with the new SDA phone (similar to the Cingular 2125 but includes 802.11 wireless.)