So, it turns out that the plasma TV I was going to get, but then fell through, has finally arrived.  Last weekend we flew to Salt Lake City, for camping in Moab.  Instead of flying back we drove from SLC to SFO, the fourth time we have done this in 18 months.  We got a one-way rental and drove the TV home.

At our dinner party last night we were able to get the TV working and could pick up certain stations with only an antenna.  We don’t have cable TV, to the amazement of our friends who feel this is a severe waste of such a technological display screen.  After everyone left, one of our dinner guests who was spending the night managed to figure out how to get the DVD working.

I felt silly not being able to get things working but to my benefit the label on the back of the TV, labeling each input plug, was on backwards.  Turns out the DVD player is not just that, but also a receiver, and entertainment center all in one.

Around 4am we got the second DVD player hooked up so we could watch the Moby DVD on screen and listen to the iPod from the surround sound speakers.  I am still in total amazement at the “entertainment center”.