Lately I have been mulling over some decisions that could have a large impact on my life over the next year. I know I want to take the risk, but each time it seems the risk (and reward) are greater. I want to never regret, so I try. So far things have worked out. Wish me luck!


(I am brave enough.)

When I was younger I told my Mom that life is too short to fear the time you have wasted or the poor decisions you have made. Instead one should move forward with each day as a new start. To this day she repeats that advice to me, and I’m constantly surprised to hear my teenage words repeated back to me years later. (I still remember sitting in the car with her in the driveway saying these things when I was younger.)

Today, I look to friends for inspiration such as a comment someone said about me, “you have this odd way of convincing others that the goal in life is to have fun, and you should put the rest of your life on hold at regular intervals to meet that goal.”

I love my friends and the inspiration they provide. I want to surround myself with super-passionate, creative, successful, interesting, happy people.