The latest on “Ask a Ninja” talks about standing in lines.  I think those videos are really funny, and interestingly enough he switched from hosting his videos on YouTube to Revver.  (I recall Amanda Congdon did then when she left RocketBoom.  I wonder if Google buying YouTube for $1.65 billion means the market for social videos has begun.)

Anyway, at the end of the video the Ninja says that it’s best to first go to the front of the line and make sure you are in the right line.  He says, it’s better to know than to stand in the wrong line the whole time.

This really makes sense but my mom takes it to the next level.  I may have already commented on this before but it’s still funny.  She will generally go to the front of the line and interrupt the person at the front to ask them the question she has.  Now this may seem logical, as her question may be small and easily answered, but every other person in line has a slightly different point of view.

Imagine standing in line and someone cutting it with the reasoning that “I just have a quick question.”  My sister and I crack up about this point because we imagine being the others standing in line going, “Oh, sorry, I didn’t know this was the long question line.  Had I known that, I would have just cut the line myself like you are.”  <insert laugh here>

One should never cut the line, instead seek out another sales associate (aka employee) who can answer your “quick question”, preferably one that is not servicing a long line of people.