I love that ChipMonkey has turned me on to music outside my personal electronic/trance genre.  That’s why I love it when people recommend music to me.  Too bad I’m not into music enough to actually buy it from iTunes or else I could use the new “Just for you” feature, similar to how Amazon.com recommends books they think you will like.

(I recommend they open it up beyond just current iTunes customers.  What would be better than to allow anyone to have their own social music profile on iTunes and rate music.  This would allow them to have a much larger database and a marketable product.  This is free ROI advice for iTunes.  And make the site as good as the Netflix.com one, it rocks!  Take advice from Google, “don’t make more products, make features”.)

So, I’m happy when people like Damon turn me on to new music.  His site also recommends

Anyone making a site today should take the Google advice, don’t make another site, make something useful with features!  I just love the dynamic use of Netflix that keeps me from having to re-load or leave a page in order to perform an action.