We just returned home from the 2007 San Francisco Decompression party where I saw many of my friends from Burning Man. It was great with such a large turnout (although the event itself seemed about the same size as last year.) All you have to do is google for photos and there are lots to see.
We saw bands, fun+strange people, I dressed up, we went roller skating, and sat on the lawn. I got chased and chased others with glowing light-saber type things. There were plenty of glow sticks and dancing people.

At the end of it all we came home (much easier than last year when we spent an hour trying to get a cab) and crashed. As I type this the house is dark and quiet. Friends are sleeping in their beds. Oh how we enjoy visitors.

On Monday I have a meeting near San Jose, a training session in Foster City on Tuesday, and Wednesday I’ll be frantically trying to get everything done before leaving town. Thursday morning we leave for Moab so I need to get lots of work done before we head out into the desert for a few days.