I was following the O’Reilly Radar when Brady posted what Om said on webworkerdaily.

Most members (aka Foneros) “share their wireless Internet access at home and, in return, enjoy free WiFi wherever they find another Fonero’s Access Point”, these are known as Linuses. Aliens do not share their WiFi and are charged for using the FON network. Bills do not take advantage of the free roaming WiFi and instead get a cut of the fees that Aliens pay to use their WiFi. This could subsidize the cost of your WiFi if your business or home is in a heavily trafficked part of town.

To promote their service and assist willing wanna-be Foneros they are subsidizing a nice-looking WiFi router called La Fonera. Out of the box it supports broadcasting two SSIDs: a protected one for your home and a public one for your fellow Foneros.

FON touts themselves as the “largest wifi community in the world”.  Think this is just a fad?  Check out the maps showing the location of every FON device.  I’m sure there are security implications of this, but as long as you segment it from the rest of your network you should be fine.

I joined today and will receive a wireless access point in 3 weeks (long time!) for a total cost of $14 ($5 for the AP and $9 in S&H). Read the terms of use though. If you are taking advantage of this offer you need to: (1) install the AP within 30 days of receiving it and (2) keep it online for 1 year.