Most people who find my blog fall into one of two categories:

  1. those who know me and read about my life (25%)
  2. those looking for illegal credit card forums/hacks/boards (75%)

So I am accustom to seeing search terms such as these (actual data): “CardersMarket forum”, “carding”, “credit card hackers forum”, “shadowcrew”, “ccpowerforums”, “drunk carding in vegas”, etc.

But this one search term really threw me for a loop: “softwares to hack secured sites like www”

Hmm… is it just me or did anyone else realize that HTTP is not a secure protocol.  The use of “softwares” makes me think the person was either (1) a horrible speller or (2) a non-native english speaker.  Either way, they need to first google for “SSL” or “https” before they try to find softwares to hack them.

Let me know if you have come across any strange search terms and what they are.