I really enjoy having the t-mobile hotspot Internet access. Although some people have complained about access points not working, I have enjoyed using them almost everywhere I go. I pick them up at every Starbucks around San Francisco; the rest of the country; most importantly at every airport I fly through (what better way to kill a few hours); and internationally.

I was in London and picked up Internet access there. Over there you have to enter an email address instead of a username so it took me a while to learn that I need to append “@t-mobile.us” to the end of my username to make it work.

And from now until the end of the year you can get 30 days of free access. Not bad.

The only problem? It cost too much. At around $30/month it’s something reserved for the heavy road-warrior or corporate expense account. Although I enjoy the service I would jump ship to another company if I could get a cheaper rate (although I am locked in for at least another 10 months to get the better monthly price.)

I hope someone from T-Mobile is reading this. I searched Google, Google Blogs, and Technorati for the term “t-mobile hotspot” and found relatively nothing. There’s little information about there about the pro/con of the service. I can say that it varies a bit but is good overall.

For example, I get great access at my neighborhood Starbucks but at some of the downtown coffee shops the access point can be flaky. (And don’t think the baristas even know where it is in order to reboot it.)

Overall I like the service, but because there is no “value add” from sticking with T-Mobile, I would happily switch to another provider at a lower cost. I’m actively thinking of getting a Sprint PCS modem card as it could be a more ubiquitous solution — only problem is it costs twice as much.