I just flew into Miami from Argentina. I had a good time exploring the cemetery there (see flickr photostream), but I missed out on the Buenos Aires (BA) nightlife, which is what everyone from there raves about. I had dinner with a guy who relocated to California from BA. He said that in BA it was common to go out with friends 3-5 times a week but in CA he almost never goes out. (Another guy I met at the airport said something similar.)

It seems that after the currency devaluation, where overnight people lost 66% of their net worth, people put less emphasis on their jobs and more on living life. In the US there has not been a large economic crisis like this since the Great Depression in 1940’s.

I wonder what would happen to me if I changed my focus from “living to work” into “working to live”. As I type this I think of D-cash who has transformed his life over the past year from one to the other. He seems so much more happy and enjoying life.

p.s. I really enjoy the AA Admiral’s Club in Miami, if I get in legitimately or sneak in. It’s a relief from the refuge like atmosphere of the airport… and they have fresh fruit and cheese. Mmmm.