It’s so strange seeing my friends change all around me. I look at flickr photostreams of friends and spot people that I haven’t seen in ages. Friends of friends that you still remember as they were all those years ago. But they have grown up and changed just as you have.

I can understand how no matter how old a child gets their parent will always see them as a child of theirs.

The legacy perspective of viewing another, from the past, creates a disconnect between your paradigm and that of objective reality.  You envision that person with all the memories of the past and try to connect those with brief photos of the present.  As you receive these new pieces of information your mind tires to integrate they with your current knowledge base.  The problem is that there are obvious gaps.  Your mind fills in those gaps (as it is so good at doing) with ideas based on the facts you remember about that person.

The problem with this reasoning is that people change.  It is like trying to predict the Dow Industrial average in 2010 based on current trends.  Things change and so do people.  So do you.  So do I.

It’s almost wrong to try and integrate new pieces of information with that of old without the reality of change.  But in the absence of reality what else do we have?  Our mind is a beautiful and sometimes reckless thing.